Industry and Commerce Division

Industrial Management:
  • Register factories for establishment, changes and shutdown.
  • Manage, guide and assist factories in violation of rules and regulations. 
Business Administration:
  • Issue commercial business enterprise registration certificates for establishment and changes.
  • Register business enterprises for suspending operation, resuming operation and shutdown. 
  • Check in advance business enterprise names
  • Manage matters concerning other business administration
  • Manage product labels 
General Administration for Industry and Business:
  • Other matters concerning general industry and business administration
  • Examine and manage business venues
  • Mobilization business
Manage eight industries, electronic game arcade business and information and leisure industry:
  • Examine and assess eight industries
  • Examine and assess electronic game arcade business
  • Examine and manage information and leisure industry
Consumer Protection Act:
  • Send and give away promotional and guiding information
  • Manage cases filed regarding consumer protection act and consumers dispute 

Fair Trading Act:
  • Send and give away promotional and guiding information 
  • Assist to search and collect cases in violation of rules and regulations

Markets Management Division

Manage Retail Markets:
Keelung has nineteen retail markets: fourteen public retail markets, such as Ren-ai, Sinyi retail markets, with 1531 stands, and five private retail markets. In addition to that, Keelung has six market areas, four pubic market areas, with 587 stands and two private market areas. Currently, these markets are guided and managed based on Taiwan Province Retail Markets Management Regulations.
  • Establish, remodel, renovate public markets
  • Manage matters regarding leasing public market stands
  • Collect and adjust the rent of public market stands
  • Assist and guide market stand owners in business operation
  • Examine the establishment of private markets 
Street Vender Management:
In 1988, Keelung city government announced that street venders were temporarily allowed to do business at 11 areas. Currently, the city government does not have staffs managing these areas. Street venders at these areas simply practice autonomy. Circulating venders and those breaking regulations and laws are banned by Keelung policemen. Moreover, our section also teams up with district office, environmental protection bureau and public works department to form a road rage evacuation team which mission is to ban circulating vendors and those breaking regulations and laws. 

  • Map out vender management plans (formulate Keelung vender management autonomy regulation)
  • Examine vender operation permissions
  • Assist, guide and help venders to settle down
  • Examine the establishment of private markets
Management of Terminal Markets for Agricultural Products:
  • Manage, assist and guide the operation of fruit and vegetable terminal markets
  • Assist the establishment and maintenance works of terminal markets for agricultural products, and add in practical facilities and update original facilities in the terminal markets

Business Development Division

Industrial Development:
  • Industrial policy planning 
  • Investigate and analyze industrial information
  • Manage business of Small and Medium Enterprise Administration
  • Compile projects regarding economy boost 
Coordinate invitations with businesses and investors:
  • Collect, organize and publish investment environment information 
  • Invite local and international companies to invest in Keelung city
  • Help coordinate and contact investment cases of the city
  • Organize exhibit fairs and meetings to invite businesses 
  • Examine, check and ratify major investment projects 
Establishment of business and industry complexes:
  • Examine applications of business and industry complexes establishment projects
Assist and guide the development of shopping arcades:
  • Plan to open shopping arcades with distinguishing features
  • Plan the installation of facilities in the shopping arcades 
  • Assist, guide and manage shopping arcades 
Free Trade Port: 
  • Coordinate administrative affairs
Promote Civil Participation in Public Construction Projects:
  • Manage and assess projects concerning promotion of civil participation in public construction
  • Organize short-term training on promotion of civil participation in public construction 
Open up and Develop Industrial Areas

  • Investigate the economic conditions of fishery and fishing households and gather related statistics.
  • Import and export aquatic products and provide related proofs 
  • Search and collect fishery information and establish a database that covers fishing management systems.
  • Manage the construction and renovation of fishing vessels.
  • Issue certificates and operating licenses for specific fishing and recreational fishing.
  • Manage oil, filling stations and supply of finishing materials for fishing vessels.
  • Manage sailors on the fishing vessels, including those from the Mainland and other countries, issue certificates and review and prove their working experience.
  •  Punish fishing vessels and sailors that violate regulations.
  • Manage and settle fishing dispute, and manage fishing exchanges between both sides of the Strait.
  • Manage fishing vessels communications.
  • Assist and guide matters concerning insurance for fishing vessels and fishermen.
  • Relieve fishery calamities.
  • Assist, guide and supervise fishery organizations and fishermen’s organizations.
  • Assist and guide fish markets.
  • Grant loans to fishery.
  • Promote fishery education.
  • Transport, sell and promote aquatic products, and assist to improve technologies.
  • Assist and manage fish breeding in the inland.
  • Assist and guide fishery cooperation with other countries and manage matters concerning overseas stations.
  • Manage affairs regarding the fishery advisory committee.
  • Manage administrative work concerning fishing ports and public fishery facilities.
  • Manage affairs regarding fishing port projects and land application and usage.
  • Clean up polluted areas in the harbor districts and maintain the environment.

  • Improve, assist and guide the production, transportation, sale and marketing of agricultural products.
  • Investigate the economic conditions of agriculture and farm households and gather related statistics.
  • Protect plants and prevent and cure calamities.
  • Reward agricultural materials and machinery.
  • Investigate food provisions and crops and gather related statistics.
  • Utilize farmland and take management measures.
  • Manage Public and Private Forests.
  • Manage afforestation on rent land.
  • Conserve, utilize and manage slope land.
  • Manage afforestation, seed raising, and tree nursery.
  • Direct Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and livestock breeding.
  • Superintend farmland water conservation facilities.
  • Protect natural environment and conserve ecology.
  • Assist, guide and supervise matters concerning farmers’ organizations and agricultural organizations.
  • Promote agriculture education.
  • Conserve wild animals and plants.
  • Manage matters concerning leisure farming.
  • Clean and maintain farm roads and industrial roads.
  • Grant loans to agriculture.
  • Manage matters concerning insurance and subsidies for farmers.
  • Manage insecticide and fertilizer.
  • Assist and guide to build new community images of farm villages.

Fisheries and Agriculture Engineering Division

  • Plan, design, survey, establish, oversee and implement finishing port construction projects.
  • Fishing port construction technologies and standards.
  • Protect and maintain fishing ports.
  • Plan, design, survey, establish, oversee and implement construction projects of public facilities of fishing ports.
  • Protect and maintain public facilities of fishing ports.
  • Manage matters regarding finishing villages and farm villages construction projects.
  • Landscaping and greening fishing port areas, develop multiple functions of fishing ports.
  • Design, survey, establish, oversee and implement construction projects concerning industrial roads, farm roads and watershed management and disaster prevention.
  • Repair and maintain farm roads, natural streams and industrial roads that are destructed by natural disasters.
  • Manage other construction matters regarding fishery and agriculture.
  • Manage soil and water conservation facilities and dredge natural streams.
  • Examine and implement soil and water conservation projects.
  • Manage other related matters.

Marine Affairs Division

  • Investigate, evaluate, develop, conserve, nurture and protect and manage coastal areas and waters and fishery resources.
  • Map out coastal waters and implement related matters.
  • Manage matters concerning fishing rights and fishery, and issue certificates.
  • Assist, guide and manage aquaculture cage fishery.
  • Reconstruct, maintain and mange coastal areas and inshore finish ground environment.
  • Manage matters concerning the influence of sea area development on marine environment.
  • Assist and manage marine pollution and disasters.
  • Maintain and manage fishery patrol ships.
  • Punish Irregularities fishing vessels and sailors (punishment on those that violate rules regarding fishery resources conservation.
  • Salvage fishing vessels and fishermen at sea.
  • Nurture and protect fishery resources.
  • Set free fish produced by fish breeding.
  • Conduct academic research on aviation affairs, coast guard affairs and ocean, coordinate marine affairs among related agencies.
  • Manage affairs concerning recreational fishery.
  • Manage affairs regarding seacoast and the sea.
  • Conserve marine mammals and aquatic plants.
  • Map out, maintain and manage marine protection zones and conservation areas.
  • Manage business regarding marine biodiversity.
  • Maintain and manage marine ecology and environment. 
  • Assist and guide to build new community images of fishing villages.
  • Manage other related matters.